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There are many different ways to increase your web site's
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  • Spend money on advertising
  • Sell your products cheap and hope you sell more
  • Increase your prices and hope people don't notice
  • Pay your affiliates more and hope they sell more
  • Waste valuable time on traffic exchanges
  • Pay someone to manage your site optimization
But there's only ONE way to increase your web site's
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The vast majority of people believe the internet is a "risky" place to do business. Thanks to the actions of a minority, the Net is seen as being nothing more than a place to get your identity stolen, or your credit card misused! Their reluctance to buy from you is caused by what's commonly referred to as the "visitor anxiety factor".

However, in a series of split tests on one of our own web sites, using exactly the same product, exactly the same sales copy, exactly the same price, we achieved a 19.7% increase in sales simply by helping to remove the anxiety that visitors might have otherwise had about doing business with us.

Put simply... we boosted our sales by reducing their anxiety!

Also, on another of our sites, we also monitored "abandonment rates" and were absolutely horrified to discover that as many as 72% of our potential customers abandoned the sale process before completion. We couldn't puzzle out why it was happening until we displayed our Seal of Integrity on the order page and abandonment rates immediately dropped by over 50%!

It's been demonstrated that display of a third party verification seal can greatly increase retention and conversion rates.

The Safe-T-Online Seal of Integrity displayed on YOUR web site demonstrates clearly to all your prospective customers that YOU are a person whom they can trust, and that you will adhere to the highest standards of business ethics.

This will immediately increase the sales from your
web site... and that's a proven fact.

Here's their thought process...
Yes, the product looks good.

Yes, I need it.

Yes, the price looks right.

Increase the sales from your website!But I don't know anything about the sellers and I've heard all the stories about online rip-offs and I'm damned if I'm going to risk paying for something I can't put in my hand right now and walk away with.

For all I know, they're even going to get the details off my credit card and charge stuff to me that I haven't ordered or, worse still, abuse my card and use it to buy stuff elsewhere
But for as little as 0.33¢ a day you can do a hell of a lot to remove that paranoia. In fact, as our own tests have shown, you can increase sales by up to 19.7% and you can massively reduce your order abandonment rate.

Your biggest sales killer is YOU!

Only by TELLING people who you really are and how much you genuinely care about their online experience can you ever expect to remove their online anxiety and gain their trust. You have to convince your customers that they are in control of the situation, and you don't do that by ignoring their fears!

The Safe-T-Online Mission Statement

Safe-T-Online not only sets acceptable standards for business ethics online, we also treat our members fairly with low, low monthly costs and the exclusive rights to display the Safe-T-Online Seal of Integrity on multiple web sites operated by the same owner, at no extra cost.

Imagine what Safe-T-Online verification might do for your online business.

Look, just humor us a moment... Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a prospective customer and your fingers are clutching your credit card as you consider buying from a website that you've never been to before. You want the product, that's why you've come so far, but you're nervous...

  •   Will the site owner REALLY give you a refund if you need one?
  •   Will the product REALLY do what the seller claims it will?
  •   Will the owner answer your emails if you've got any questions?
  •   Will your credit card be processed safely on this site?
  •   Will you be throwing away even more money on the Internet?
  •   Will you be risking compromising your financial security?
  •   Will you really get everything they promised?
  •   Will the seller stand by his guarantee?
And then you spot this seller's Safe-T-Online Seal of Integrity right there on the sales page and on the purchase page. And you click the seal and read the seller's statement of integrity and see the verification that they are a valued Safe-T-Online member!

Within just a few seconds your visitor will gain all the confidence he or she needs to trust you... You just gave them that metaphorical "hug" they needed to convince them to go ahead and buy!

Suddenly, using their credit card isn't a risk any more. Suddenly your visitors have gained all the confidence they need to BUY YOUR PRODUCT

To help you deal with these challenges, we have added a new section to the Safe-T-Online dashboard so you can paste a simple bit of code onto your chosen web page and pop-up pages would display any or all of the three documents, personalized for you and your web site. (Privacy Statement, Terms of Service and Earnings Disclaimer)

The benefit of this (apart from the fact that you don't need to write anything) is that, as conditions on the internet change, we can keep updating the originals and you will never have to worry about staying legal.

Your sales can only benefit from that trust
Be unforgettable!

If you can think of a better way to make your business grow by up to 19.7% for as little as 0.33¢ a day, then please let us know!
  • Customer reassurance = increased sales
  • Increased Sales = more income
  • Increased Sales = more backend sales
  • More Backend Sales = even more income
Of course you can choose to ignore everything you've read so far, and convince yourself that your business can't do any better than it already is! But that's a VERY nave point of view, and we don't believe you're nave!

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